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Since our inception in 2005, the Foundation for Lovejoy Schools has granted thousands of grants.  As of the summer of 2021, we have invested over $4.5 million in Lovejoy ISD.  We are very proud to a be a sustaining part of Lovejoy excellence throughout the years.  Our teachers and district are very appreciative of our efforts and the community contributions that give the teachers more unique ways to teach and give students enhanced ways to learn. 

Awarded Grants

The Foundation for Lovejoy Schools awards Teacher Grants for projects that enhance and augment educational opportunities for students and teachers in the Lovejoy ISD. All Lovejoy ISD teachers and staff are encouraged to apply for grants. 

Click the links below to see what was granted each year. 

2021-2022 Grants

2020-2021 Grants

December 2020 Grants
. (because of Covid, we awarded a second set of grants in December 2020

May 2019 May Grants


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