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Since our inception in 2005, the Foundation for Lovejoy Schools has granted thousands of grants.  As of the summer of 2020, we have invested over $4.1 million in Lovejoy ISD.  We are very proud to a be a sustaining part of Lovejoy excellence throughout the years.  Our teachers and district are very appreciative of our efforts and the community contributions that give the teachers more unique ways to teach and give students enhanced ways to learn. 

Grants for 2019-2020

In a normal year, all grants would have been awarded in May 2020.  Because of the pandemic and the likelihood of virtual learning in the fall of  2020 we, at the request of the school district, only partially allocated our funds in the spring and allowed teachers to apply for grants that support virtual learning during the summer .  This process continued in August 2020 with a $301,000 grant. A detailed list of items granted in August can be found here.

We granted the remaining funds in December 2020. A detailed list of items granted can be found here.

Grants for 2018-2019

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