Family Funded Grants

The perfect opportunity to fund a grant that speaks to your family's heart! LISD teachers have submitted more than 25 grants valued at $2,500 or less they would like to implement in the classroom. This offers you the chance to sponsor a classroom enhancement of your choosing. Families who elect to fun a specific grant can join in the fun of the teacher check presentation in May! 

Add the number you see below to the search bar to locate your grant quickly.

Click on the pictures to see videos of the grants. 

Teacher grant graphic10.jpg

WSMS: Robotics

Sylvia Woods #7013

Teacher grant graphic.jpg
Teacher grant graphic13.jpg

SCIS Dyslexia

Heather Fisher #7005

Teacher grant graphic3.jpg
Teacher grant graphic11.jpg
Teacher grant graphic8.jpg

LHS Majestics

Jacklyn Simone #7008

Fine Arts All Elem.

Anne Tracy #7006

Teacher grant graphic2.jpg
Teacher grant graphic9.jpg
Teacher grant graphic5.jpg

WSMS Color Guard

David Sadler #7002

WSMS Fine Arts

Lisa Nalls #7011

LHS: Health Science

Debbi Muckelroy #7015

Teacher grant graphic16.jpg

PES Speech

Mary Hurst #7019

Teacher grant graphic7.jpg
Teacher grant graphic12.jpg

HES 3rd Grade

Tori Dodd #7003

Teacher grant graphic4.jpg
Teacher grant graphic4.jpg
Teacher grant graphic4.jpg
Teacher grant graphic15.jpg
Teacher grant graphic14.jpg
Teacher grant graphic11.jpg

All Kinder and 1st Grade ELAR

Jacki Woolford #7012

All Elem Fine Arts

Anne Tracy #7010

Teacher grant graphic6.jpg