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Homes by J. Anthony


Donovan Berkely

Grateful Lovejoy Family

Brian and Rebecca Hand

Karen Kubliski and John Van Domelen

Kevin and Maria Ritchie

Schlimme Family

Fairview Dermatology


Tiffany and James Brunson

Kendall Carll

Bill Carter

Harlan Family

Scott and Kruamas Holden

Earl and Camille Simpkins

Mark and Gayla Wheelis

Luxe Premier Realty Group

Lovejoy HVAC

Owens Realtors

Michel Morales, Keller Williams


Johnny and Laura Barr

George and Fonsa Brody

Paul Brzezicki

Will and Karen Chow

Catherine and Tim Clay

Cubas Family

Daverio Family

The Dunaway Family

Karl and Jolene Fails

Henri and Allison Friloux

Mark and Jennifer Gary

Jack Hooper


Michael Hummel

Tim Jackson Custom Homes

Jason and Stacy Jaynes

Donnie and Donna Johnson

Dustin James and Helen Kim-James

David and Jenny Koh

Larry and Daniela Konecny

Jeff and Gina LeGare

Kelli and Al Litchenburg

Barbara McJimsey

Malcolm and Julie McLaughlin

Ronald C Morrill 

Jeff and Sherrie Novotny

London and Lisa O'Dowd

Kelly and Drew Oleson

Kirk and Chandra Perry

Mark and Jodi Piccirillo

Andrea Pope

Potts Family

Sarah and Gerard Quinlan

Reaugh Family

Luis and Maria Rodas

Schmidt Family

Randy Sutherlin

Jay and Piritta van Rijn

The Woody Family

Ryan, Rachel, and Cason Wright


The Grisak Group

Robertson Orthodontics

Original ChopShop

Skyline Sports

Bowers Pool Service


Jeff and Jodi Balette

Rosemary Bates

John and Cristina Blinkiewicz

Steve and Jennifer Blumer

Bognot Family

Bognot Family

Edgar and Sophia Chang

Michael Francis & Jennifer Dagen

David and Mercedes David

Duronio Family

Jared & Traci Eifert

Brad and Cyd Elliott

Beth and Mark Hansen

Philip and Casey Jones

Jeff and Deanne Clark

Jack Lewis

Thomas and Jana Manders

Dena Martin

Chris & Laura Mason

Shaun and Kelli McMurtry

Stephanie & Paul Merrifield 

Miller Family

Chris and Kelly Minter

Kimberly & Jason Morgan

Joel and Hillary Patterson

Thankful Leopard Family

The Pruitts

Jeff and Terri Reinhard

Gabriel and Adel Rendon


Ralph and Jennifer Rucker

David and Amy Russell

Gabby Salazar & Family

Juliet and Chet saluja

The Shooner Family

Jennifer Shore

Deanne Sims

Anne and Ryan Smith

Scott and Karen Smith

John and Kelli Socha

Kilynn Sommer

Brent & Elyse Spencer

The Updegraff Family

The Vondersaar Famliy

Uyen and Tri Vuong

Monica Watson

Susan and Michael Williams

Jeff and Kayla Wood

Xiaofeng Xu

The Tutoring Center, Allen

Lone Legacy Automatic Gates

Allen Family Chiropractic

Mom's Choice Mobile Healthcare


Abbott Family

Robby & Giya Abraham

The Akinfolarin Family 

Neal and Rebecca Anderson

Brent and Jennifer Archer

Barney Family

The Basson Family

Bell Family

Berner Family 

The Olsen Family

Greg and Amanda


Charley & Kim Bloemer

Apiwan and Ken Born

Matthew and Rashay


The Brown Family

Sam and Christina Broyles

Jared Bunn

Amy Cargulia

Santhosh Thomas Chacko

Suresh Cheruku

The Chervils

Holly and Jonathan Cocks

Keith & Lindsay Coffey

Molly and Tony Collins 

Chad and Kelly Collins

The Crabb Family

Jae Crabtree

Roth Family

Amber and Matt Craver

Jerry and Elana Crawford

Stefanie Daniels

Ruth Darrow

Jonathan Davis

Gretchen Day

Danny & Heather de Hoyos

Michael & Roxana Denham

Dr Mustafa and

Dr Tasneem Dohadwala 

Brian and Jennifer Dunlap

Cheraina and Michael Dunn

Tad and Erin Dunn

The Duvall Family

Kyle and Kim Dziubinski

Ali & Katie Ebrahimi

Kristi Edstrom

David and Rachelle Edwards

Lisa Elbaum

Greg and Jill Endo

Falco Family

John and Karlene Fraser

Stephen & Amy Fuqua

Nicole Gee

Matthew Giordano

The Goertz Family

Jennifer Hall

Heath and Melissa Hammett

Brian & Emily Hanchey

The Hannas

Hanna Family

Toby and Tricia Harris

Jeff and Cyndi Harvey

The Hayes Family

Kristen and David Holt

Greg and Alicia Jardine

Diane Jensen

Eric Johnson

Johann and Jennifer Jooste

Nikhil and Meghna Joshi

Joe and Farah Kelsey

Aaron and Nicole Lanman

Tyler and Laura Lembke

Travis and Carmen Levin

Julia Liaci and James Carroll

Wen family

Chad and Brooke Lindsey

Lousinda Long

Mike & Julie Mabry

Brian & Jessica Mair

Marci Marrs

Amy Martin

Curtis and Charlotte Maxfield

Chris Mcguire

The Metzger Family

April Miller

Marisa and Aaron Miller 

Chris and Kelly MinterThe Montgomerys

The Morgan Family

Heather and Jarred Morgan

Moyers Family

 The Nguyen Family

Unoma & Ekpe Okorafor

Paul Family

Aaron & Kari Perkins

Heather and Dan Perrin

Vivian and Greg Powers

Valentine family

John and Michelle Reed

Chris & Cyndy Reynolds

Team Reynolds

The Rouse Family

Stephen Runions &

Karen Vonnegut

Anna Muyco 

Rachel & Francisco Sanchez

Andre Schuster

Peter and Julie Shaddock

Deanne Sims

Daniel and Michael Hanna

John and Kelli Socha

Abe and Amy Smith

David and Joan Smith

Erin and Jeremy Smith 

Julie Smithey

Jim Smittle

James O Steeb

Ashley and Kevin Steed

Stratmeyer Family

Bryan and Beth Streeter 

Tim and Jamie Streeter

Danny and Lisa

Blake and Lindsay Taylor

Karrie & Darrin Thomason

Scott and Jennifer


Abbe and Chad Timmons 

Mike and Tina Walenciak

Gretchen Wild

Michelle and David Wilde

Michelle and David Wilde

Brad and Marybeth


Clint and Lisa Wilkins

Amy Williams

Geoffrey and Dinah Wiss

Anne & Jonathan


Willie & Elsa Wu

Sean and Morgan Young

The Yow Family

The Yundt-Pacheco

Brian Zinn

The Zych's


Honor Roll


Charles and Jensy Abraham
The Aguilar family 
Gary and Kathleen Alling
Adam and Amy Bemis
Staci Brooks
Burnett Family
Jill Diaz
Tony Diercks
Arwyn and Ryland Eairheart
Easley Family
The Fox Family
Craig and Misti Friesland
The Fritzsches
Kiran Guduguntla
David and Wendy Hanenburg
Shawn Hansen
Kasey and Brad Havens
Hillary Heckman
Kelly Holmes
Rhonda Houser
Lyn Hughes
Blake and Debi Jenkins 
Desiree Koons
Ledebur Family
Vivian Legel
Michelle A McClelland
Rob and Stacy Nichols
Prentice and Emily Peabody

Robert Petrin
Lindsay Pierson
Quigg Family
Michael and Carolyn Rasmussen
T-R Family
Aurelia Ruiz
Sarah Schulz
Natalie Seely
Patsy Snider
Spinney family 
Leo and Vera Spriggins
Joe and Jennifer Stuchly
Chris Tadvick
Scott and Angie Tassan
Adrian and Angela Terranova
Kasey and Jason Tucker
The Verschage Family
Myriam Vester
Meifang Xiang

The Adams Family

Jim and Mahala Ahearn

Tom and Pam Arceneau

Babiak Family

Abhishek Baidya

Ofelia Beaumariage

Todd Berkland

Berman Family 

Blanchard Family

The Boardman Family

Pete and Luke Boublis

Rebecca Bourke

Braithwaite Family

Jared and Emily Bratz

Patrik and Cori Brodelius

Adam and Kate Bronson

Kristi Brown 

Jamie and Julie Brunett

Caroline and Scott Burchett

Frank and Elisabeth Burns

Michael and Brittany Cain

Michael and Leigh Carnes

Jim & Shannon Casey

Carolyn and Justin Caudell

Michael and Eric Caldwell

Evan & Tera Chavez

Jason and Amber Cole

Casandra Cooper

Allen and Dana Crigger

Brian and Robin Dale

Samir & Priya Dandekar 

Bethany Dean

David Dean

Harlin and Elizabeth Dean

Bryan Dillon

Stacey and David Dillon

Carolyn Erickson

Evans Family

Chris and Nora Eyle

David Falk

Mike and Erika Fallas

Hong Fan

Maria Faoro

Stephan Fields

Paul and Linda Fletcher

Eric and Karla Gant

Julio Garcia

Katherine & Cody Gary


Robert Gonzalez, CPA

Jayson and Michelle Gray

Greenwald Family

Eugene Gridnev

Jason Grief

Lee & Emma Groves

Paul Hart & Brandy Hall

Torri Hansen

Jennie Hansford

Hardwick Family

Amber Hare

Mike and Shannon Hays

Jeff Hayward

Hempkins Family

Hempkins Family

Affan Family

Herran Family

Herrera Family

Mike and Lisa Hopkinson

Jeff & Stacey Huettner

David and Robin Hughey

Brandi Ingram -Scentsy

Lisa Virgoe & Josh Jacobs

Patricia Jasina

Amy and Calder Johnson

Lonnie and Noelle Johnston

Jean and John Jubin

Justin Kennedy

Kiper Family

Klein Family

Edie Krause

The Kulcak Family 

Ashley & Binny Kuriakose

Michael and Jill Lamping

Jill LaTorre

Jenny Lee & Sanghoon Park

Chris, Michele &

Delaney Leehy

Regina Lenart

Henry and Nancy Lessner

Syndy & Shaun Lynch

Brian L. Maguire and Family

Jason & Kimberly Mallette

Korey and Aimee Manley

erin m Matlock

Patricia McCoy

Patrick McGowan

Brooke McKee

Sandy McKinney &

Josh Curry

Patricia Meehlhause

Jerry Miller

Alysa and Darren Mise

Mary Moayed

Kathryn Modine

Ron & Mechelle Moore

Dennis Muizers

Kim Mulder

 Jill Murphy

Nalls Family

Vilaysack Family

Paul and Tracy Nguyen

Colby and Christina Nish

Paula North

Brian Nuckels

Suzanne Oesterling

Kari Ogden

Proud Lovejoy parent

Kristin Owens

Scottie Pabin

Grace Pan

Holly Parsons

Pranay and Lauren Patel

Phyllis Peterson

Pettit Family


Chad and Missy Rainey

Tiffany Reiner

Rexford Family

The Riley Family

Kristen Roberts

Russ and Lisa Rockenbach

Roman Family

Chris Ruppert

JoAnne Scalf

Peggy Schmidt

Schnurr Family

Jill and Elliot Schuler

Sonali Sen Baidya

Chris and Erin Shepherd

Michael Travis Shull

Sibille Family

The Sides Family

Leanne Sills

Mr. Sterling and Mrs. Jami Smith

Jennifer and John Sommers

Scott and Cristen Sperling

James and Jenna Stewart


The Sun Family

Rozina Surani

Sussman Family 

Dipan and Preeti Sutaria

Anthony and Erica Szymanski

Chris and Andrea Taylor

Greg and Lisa Taylor

Jacob and Reagan Taylor


Thurman Family

Scott & Rhonda Tiedt

Janet and David Tillman

Holly Tomlin

Danielle Tranchina

Lisa Trcka

Eric and Denise Underdahl

Aaron and Kim Vann

Maria Jose Munoz Vasa

Jason and Cecilia Vaughn

Charles and Leah Vela

Carol Vik

Bestway Office Supply

The Walters Family

Joe Czyz &Andrea Warner-Czyz

James & Jolie Wasilewski

Alicia and Ryan Watson

Resa Weaver

Brooklynn Weech

Whitfill Family

The Willard Family

Nik and Courtney Wood

Irene and Kevin Wang

Kate and Drew York 

Traci and Nicki York

Brian and Ashley Yount

Becky Zadorozny

Beverly Zetsche


Chelsea Archer
Salena Brody
Buchek Family
Thomas DeWitt
Russel and Nicole Dubree
 Kasie Fitzsimmons
Carol Lorrai Foster
Dan and Lori Gonzalez
The Hamilton's
Andrew Hill
Laura Isbell
Philip and Barrett Klein
Sara McBryde
Gloria mendez
Elizabeth Miller
Kristi Patterson
Avinash Sahay
Mandar and Gargi Sukhatankar
Mary and John Taddiken
Monica Wehking
Stephanie Williams

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