Grants Awarded for the 2008-2009 School Year - $115,000

Achieve 3000 Reading Program – Impacts 5th and 6th Grades – Web-based program used to help students increase their ability to read and understand non-fiction literature. 

Math Manipulatives – Impacts K-7th Grades – Instructional tools to assist students as the work to master challenging state standards.

My Access! – Impacts 6th-11th Grades – Software to be used by secondary students to improve writing skills.  Statistics show that use of My Access during the 07-08 school year helped to increase writing performance of students.

Online Reservations Software – Impacts Fine Arts – Software will allow for purchase of reserved seats for LHS auditorium events and community events.

Theatre Rain Curtain – Impacts Fine Arts – Staging element for musicals, choir, and dance shows.  The curtain will enhance visual effect of performances.

Superscope/Condensor Microphone – Impacts Fine Arts – Equipment will give students ability to hear immediate feedback of their performance.  The system will aid in evaluation and preparation for competition.

Literacy Library Books – Impacts K-3rd Grades – Assists teachers in guided reading.  Funding adds to existing leveled book library.

Aimsweb Software – Impacts Special Education – Software to assist special education department track student progress and interventions for identified students.

Science Lab Enhancements – Impacts K-5th Grades – Enhancements to each elementary science lab.

Multimedia Press & Micrometer – Impacts 9-11 Art program  - This press allows high school art to explore a multitude of techniques including etching, engraving, and lithography.

Professional Development Grants – Money made available by application for teacher development.

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