Elementary Schools



“Third graders have shown an increase in motivation while using school iPads. ESL learners have benefitted from reading appropriately leveled books as well as struggling readers that can use the auditory component. iPads allow for differentiating in a variety of ways. Students needing extension activities can use the iPad with higher leveled math games as well as having access to apps that will allow them to go deeper into content area topics.”
–Kim Beard, Puster Staff


“The efficiency and main-streaming of progress monitoring has been extremely helpful. With the help of some great applications on the Ipads (ex. Evernote), teachers are able to monitor and record data within seconds, allowing more time to interact and be involved with the students. It is a wonderful tool to have when communicating with parents, as they are able to see photos of their child's work.”
–Jenny Baker, Puster Staff


“I like the iPads because the games are fun and educational. They make you practice the things you have learned in class in a fun way. They are also much less messy then board games and easier to clean up.”
–Puster student


"The Transverse Climbing Wall has jumped started a whole new set of educational challenges for our physical education classes. This captivating activity will help promote excitement about coming to school and coming to physical education! The camouflaging physical activity that the wall provides is a great way to promote self-esteem enhancement while increasing cardiovascular and muscle endurance as well as strength and coordination development.  These are some of the major components of physical fitness test mandated by the State of Texas and I can’t think of a better way than climbing to encourage all students to “Get Fit!” This adventure based learning station will provide essential learning contribution for years to come."
–PE Teachers, Lovejoy Hart, & Puster Elementary



"Using iPads in the classroom has made the kids more enthusiastic about learning, regardless of the subject. The opportunity to practice math facts, read a book and note responses to literature, access the internet for research, etc. engages the students immediately. Students who would not normally choose certain genres of literature are enticed to expand their horizons when given a chance to read a book on the iPad. When researching a topic, having the iPad increases computer availability, allowing greater access to a larger number of students. The students love having iPads in the classroom!"

–Leah Vela, 3nd Grade Teacher, Puster Elementary



"Having the iPads and MacBooks in our classroom has increased the level of engagement of our entire student body at Hart Elementary while learning Spanish. Our students are learning true proficiency of our targeted language by collaboratively sharing their learning or thoughts."
–Veronica Muizers, Spanish Teacher, Hart Elementary

Sloan Creek Middle School


"My Access! Is a phenomenal tool, especially in the discipline of Language Arts. It is wonderful to have so many tools aligned together to help the students learn pre-writing strategies, add elaboration and detail, and successfully edit a final draft, all while learning to be technologically proficient."
–Josh Allen, 6th Grade ELA Teacher



"In 8th Grade Science at Sloan Creek Middle School, we are really excited about the new laptops that the Foundation for Lovejoy Schools is helping to provide. We are planning to use the laptops both in the classroom as well as in the field with our Vernier probeware. Our students are truly engaged when they are using current technology as they investigate science."
–Pam Simmons-Brooks, Science Department Leader

Lovejoy High School


Large Scanner for Fine Arts

“The AP Art Studio courses have completed a 4th year of consecutive 100% passing scores on AP exams. This monumental task is not only due to the QUALITY of the work the kids produce, but the students ability to fully CAPTURE the quality of that work digitally to upload to their web based portfolio. The scanner has played a huge part in the student’s ability to digitally capture the unbelievable richness of their artwork that is not possible with a camera.

The scanner is literally used daily…not only in my AP course…but all course levels; as it offers an instantaneous way to digitize work. It has impact my curriculum in the rapidity with which I can have students create collage and manipulate images to create a hybrid hand drawn and digital work.

The students absolutely LOVE what the scanner offers them and their work. It has helped them better manage their portfolio, spend less time color correcting, and change the way they incorporate digital technique into their work.”
–Brice McCasland, Visual Arts Team Lead



Lovejoy High School Band Department - 2 MacBooks and 1 PC laptop for use with the music assessment software, SmartMusic

"Last year, there were 4 LHS Band students actively using SmartMusic. This year, we have 110 students signed up and over 40 active at-home subscriptions. By using laptops at the school, we can help provide an opportunity for students who can not afford the software/hardware at home. SmartMusic is a great tool and helps the band department align their curriculum from grades 6 - 12, and provides these students with a solid base to build their musicianship on."

–Nathan Lewis, Percussion Director


"It has been great tool for our students! It allows much easier implementation of assignments and tracking of student understanding. Thank you so much for supporting the musical growth of LHS Band students."
–Ali Duck, Associate Band Director



"I have a student who “freezes” with the mention of “timed writing.” I have worked with her successfully in tutorials using My Access! This platform allows me to place a prompt before a student and set a timer in the program. This progressive immersion in a timed environment has created self-confidence in the student and while timed writings may always be somewhat stressful,
I feel she has come a long way in removing the emotional barrier to putting down her thoughts when the stakes are high."
–Kathryn S. Pabst, English Language Department Head



"The Foundation for Lovejoy School purchased a recording device called the Superscope PSD-340. This rehearsal and recording tool means the Lovejoy choirs can make great sounding CD recordings, create custom practice CDs and duplicate CDs on the spot. Choir members learn so much from being able to immediately hear, critique, and problem-solve our difficult musical passages based on those recordings. The Superscope has enhanced daily instruction for our choirs, and we are so thankful to the Foundation for providing it. Thanks!"
–Bethany Green, Choral Department

Learning @ Lovejoy

This summer, our staff took advantage of the opportunity for excellent professional development that was provided over 3 weeks. Funds provided by the Foundation for Lovejoy Schools made it possible for us to contract with nationally recognized speakers and provide an outstanding professional development experience for our staff right here at home. During the 3 weeks of training, Lovejoy staff received over 10,000 hours of professional development.""
–Ted Moore, Superintendent, Lovejoy ISD

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